ATA junior tennis programme is the leading tennis programme in Hong Kong for players of ages from 3 to 18 years and for all levels. Catering to beginners, intermediate, advanced, teenagers on the move, and elite academy players. Our team’s job is to ensure each ATA junior player is enjoying their tennis whilst developing their game, and guiding them in achieving their goals; whether this is competition, events or tennis level progression. At the same time we will be giving the players the confidence they need to participate, improve their level and gain positive experiences.


All players will be graded by the ATA team, and parents will be advised of their child’s current ability and the best tennis pathway. It is important to remember that the colour of ball used is just a tool in your child’s long term player development. All players will achieve full court yellow ball tennis in their own time. Working through the various stages, the programme as it also fosters a strong sense of camaraderie, confidence and a love of the game.

ATA Mini Tennis Programme

Red 1,2,3 Orange 1&2 Green 1&2
Age 3–8 years 7-11 years 9-13 years
Ball Speed 75% slower than regular ball 50% slower than regular ball 25% slower than regular ball
Court size 36 inches 60 inches Full court
Racket size 19 - 23 inches 23 - 25 inches 25 – 26 inches
Player profile ATA's red ball programme teaches players fundamental hand-eye coordination, basic skills, movement and tennis technique foundation. This programme is the multifaceted baseline to a child's development. ATA's orange ball programme is suitable for young, experienced players and slightly older players with technical competency and semi-confident rallying skills. Fostering a strong technique, understanding spins, tactical skills and sportsmanship is taught to the young players. ATA's green ball programme caters to players ready to expand into more advanced movement, stroke technique and tactical patterns with the emphasis on skill-based matchplay. A strong emphasis is placed on full court matchplay with competitive intensity.
Competition opportunities ATA mini red events termly and Inter programme competitions between pathways, parent child challenge, All ATA camps. Transitioning to ORANGE BALL ATA mini orange events, ATA world tour, Inter Venue, Challenges, Family challenges , All ATA camps. ATA mini green events, Junior Leagues, ATA World Tour, Inter Venue, Challenges, Family challenges, All ATA Camps.

Ages : 12-18 years

Equipment : yellow ball, 27” adult racket, full sized court

Player profile : beginner or intermediate level teenagers with a limited tennis background. 

This programme brings older children back onto the court, in a comfortable and enjoyable, yet fast tracked learning experience

Competition opportunities: ATA world tour, teenager on move social matchplay nights, Inter venue challenges, parent child challenge, all ATA camps.

ATA academy squads are for current and potential HKTA junior league players, looking to accelerate their matchplay development and mould their game. 


  • Technical drills – ensuring all fundamentals are satisfactory for matchplay
  • Live ball drills – focused on matchplay tactics i.e. shot selection and point construction
  • Individual video analysis – focusing on ground stroke mechanics and footwork patterns
  • Style – students will further develop their individual playing style and preference
  • Sports psychology – focusing on matchplay and pressure situations
  • ATA Performance Diaries – XXXXXXXXX
  • Fitness Training – footwork, strength, conditioning and agility
  • Stretching and cool down


Ages: 10–12 years

Player profile: This programme is for the younger player who is physically building strength, consistency and creating a strong basis for competitive tennis.


Ages: 12-15 years

Player profile: This programme is for the physically stronger player who is working towards building and improving their competitive tennis.


Ages – 13-18 years

Player profile: This programme is for players 13 years and above, playing tennis 3+ times per week. These players are goal oriented, pursuing a high performance pathway in their tennis. 

Competition opportunities: A, B, C Junior Leagues, Inter programme competitions, Prince Challenge, HKTA tennis events, overseas Trips,  ATA performance camps.



Please note all it’s compulsory for all players to wear their squad outfits to ATA’s tennis classes.

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ATA Academy A,B,C

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ATA Academy A,B,C

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For any new squad player, ATA squad kit will be provided at start term which is included in the Term  enrolment fees.

Students are required to wear the ATA squad team shirt and shorts or skirt when attending ATA’s JTP term tennis lessons.
Shirt colours and squad will differ depending on your child’s current class and ability.

We as a tennis company believe tennis is a sport where players need to bring a sense of team, which helps you connect with the sport. Your child is part of a squad, the squad shirts build a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and personal accomplishment.